It's your classroom. Give your students the simple tool that provides
you with invaluable lesson feedback so you can educate most effectively.


Teachers, professors, trainers, or anyone who conducts a class of any kind can use TeachBack to get feedback from students on any class, the class they just taught, the latest week of classes, or for the entire semester. Free for download for both students and teachers at any level, TeachBack gathers student feedback about their educators' effectiveness through a variety of pre-made surveys.

Now teachers can also create their own polls for students using the five-star response system, plus space for individual comments. Content based questions can be created that use the system as well as qualitative poll questions on students' response to instruction, materials, activities and more.

The app provides a simple user experience that produces this feedback in real-time. When teachers and professors use TeachBack with their students, they can expect to gain insight that will allow them to improve their lectures, lessons, and classroom experience.


Screens Screens Screens

Valuable Insight

Wave goodbye to the thought, "Am I getting through to them?"

Multiple Languanges

TeachBack is available in English, Spanish, and Chinese.

Immediate Feedback

Receive and view results in real-time, allowing you to adjust your approach before your next class.

Customize to Your Course

Design your own surveys to address the most vital criteria for you and your students.

Multiple Platforms

TeachBack works seamlessly across IOS and Android devices.


TeachBack users can manage multiple classes and access creative survey designs and customization options, but the app is simple and easy-to-use for both students and educators.

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Sign In

Simply create an account and login securely, and then get started creating or responding to surveys right away.

screen 2

Take a Survey

Give your teachers instant feedback that will help them create future lessons that are better and more effective for you.

screen 3

Instant Feedback

Implement a survey and start gathering valuable student feedback right away.

screen 4

Manage Courses

Organize the courses you take or teach from one convenient location, and add or delete courses on the fly.

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